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about anzac day

I don’t know anyone who was in the war so I just stand in silence for 1 minute but I  do know how was going to be in the war but he decided to quit. His name was Bill and now he is dead not because he had to many strokes and sadly he died:(

so I really just think about him trying to get in the war.












Reflection of anti bulling day.

Hi my name is Natasha and this is what I did on anti bullying day.

First I did a video of bullying with my friends and there names are Skye and Sheena and of course me Natasha:D
we had to do a video because they had to be finished.

We all did a bullying video but with partners and we could be with our friends and I chose to be with my friends.

At first we practiced with out the video.

And then we made our first video.

At first we done it at the play grand and then we played it to the hole class and our teacher said don’t say go away our the ways he/she wont go away.

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cooler blindness

It means you can’t see coolers proply.

Animals can see coolers.

They see more coolers then humans.

Green looks gray fir him.

It is more com an in boys.

The green colander is broken.

It is hard for him to see the football


Aaron is a fabulouse  writer because she can have no pictuers and you can still tall where thay are.


the swimming carnival

It was we were going to the swimming carnival.

I like the most was the part when we had free time.

I would change the doughnut race. I want to change that because we did not get enough time.

I would improve it by  the winner and at school you can tall the preps. Because last time I want to here that strait away.

I came 1 in the 25m free style and came 3 in the 50m bake stroke and I came 1 in the 50m free style.

I would also cange the time we come and the time we fineshed.

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