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my idiom

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 1.18.10 pm An idiom is where you say something but it means something else like mine. Mine came from australia.

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The scary tree farm.

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Once upon a time a girl lived near a tree farm. They didn’t know a tree was actually a monster.

The girl went to harvest the monster tree and realized it has already harvest but then someone grabbed her on the shoulder and said don’t go near that tree.

She turned  around slowly and it was her dad.Her dad said to her that her mum is gone because the tree ate her. sadly and didn’t know that so she back down and she then said that is why mum is gone.

I am never gonna harvest a tree again I just want to move and get a pet. Can we please.I don’t like tree farms anymore.Dad said yes so I rushed in my room and started to pack my room so did dad.

We had a garage sale. A lot of people brought most stuff but some didn’t. Tomorrow dad said if we get done we can get an ice cream. For dinner we had spaghetti but we had no take away because we needed the money. The next day we found a house for sale and it was for $80000 we still brought it. we had no choice but to bye it any from the tree farm.

we then put everything in place and then we had some food like leftover food.We went to the park and dad pushed me really high on the swing I even went over the pole. I  was then stuck over the pole. But I finally got unstuck by pulling myself down. I went home with my dad and we then came to our darkest nightmare the  monster tree was out of his hole and destroyed the whole land even me and my dad by. 🙁 🙁

Written by NATASHA

About my solder William Sails

What I have found a  about William Sails. I found out that he had a farther how was and he was still alive when he was in the war and William  so he had no letter to send bake only to his mum. He was 21 when he joined in the war and his fathers name was Sails Gorge William butt they call him Gorge.

He rejoined the war and he was flying an airoplane at first and then he was in the war his service number was 5917 and he was a son he was not a father because he was not married so he was all alone untll he was in the war and he died. 🙁Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 9.53.51 AMHe never got to see his wife agein 🙁Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 9.58.15 AM

🙁 🙁


After the school holiday

When the school holiday’s where over I was ready to go to school but when I got to school I made new friends.

Most where in my class but some weren’t in my class .

A cup ell of days befor ANZAC day my sister and I played a trick on the 5/6s I will tall you what we did we did a switch over with the class.