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As if he knows

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 10.54.54 amI fell a firing  breath on my shoulder then bang I hear a gun shot that missed my face.Then I get my gun and then I hear another gun shot they killed my friend so go find him. I find him in a cold desert. I herd another gun shot another bullet flew past me as fast as possible.

I see a man punting a gun at me I try to shot hi so I run to the trench to get more men as well as trying to shot him so when I finally reached the trench oh no there was no men so I then got more ammo I then see the war was over I had to say good by to my horse John.

I then shot him I felt so sorry but we could not keep John I cried I was that guilty and then I had to kill all the other horses now I was really crying. But at the same time I had too :c