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My Reflection On Term 3

IMG_0070 IMG_0069IMG_0070IMG_0069In term 3 I have been doing fractured fairy tales and I have presented my soldier and all that so I have also been  busy on inquiry. When I was reading my fractured fairy tales people said that I had a good story and like how I changed my story. They all loved the way I had also changed my character and the title was The Three Little Boys. The original story was called The Three Little Pig’s and then I had changed the title.

In inquiry I have been doing what causes and effects on it and I am doing what is the causes in an earthquakes and the effect. I have also been doing floods and here is a few bits of info on earthquakes.

When the tectonic plates move and rub together they rub and create an earthquake.Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 10.00.54 am

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