The best day of my life

One erly spoky mornng a girl name Elizza lived on a hillin the cementory. She loved to play with her dog named Shadow and she was a labridoor. It was a foggie morning befor she went to school it was also dark and a gloomy day. She was scerd of some things like ghots you would think that she wouldnt be sceard but dhe still is. she was also affrad because she had to tell evory one at school where she lived and she had to go to school because her mum had work today.

One thought on “The best day of my life

  1. Tash, this is very descriptive…foggy morning, dark and gloomy day….lovely use of adjectives.
    Make sure you edit your work before publishing, there spelling errors that could have been fixed. Get into the habit of checking your work.

    Well done, Tash.

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