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a cube of news papper

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 3.00.50 pmthis is what me and my group did with news papper. I felt like It was hard because we had to use tape and newspapers that was challenging but I did it with the group.

5/6 camp

Ab sailing

I went on the ab sail and my legs we’re shaking. I felt like I was going to die because I way a lot and because I way a lot I thought that I thought that he couldn’t handle me so that is why I felt like I was going to die. Befor I went down I had to sqwot in the harness and lean back witch I found hard. But trust me in 1 minute I was jumping up and down the bord to get down and I felt good.


leep of fath

I went on the leep of fath and it is scary for your first go. My legs we’re shaking even when I told myself that if I do this I have done everything at the camp. The only thing I found hard was to jump to touch a orange ball about 1 meter away and I did not touch it because of my legs. My leder said I was the only girl to go up on the platform.

There for I find the leap of faith was fun.



Flying fox

I went on the flying fox and I loved it. For once my legs were not shaking it was 100meters down and once I was up there I was down going. It made like a zzzzzzssssshhhhhhh sound at was not good. I felt so good because I had to push my sister down the fox because she was sceard. Every one went down to 3/4 times and me 6 times because I had to push in front of everyone two times just to get my sister down and I just wanted more and more goes but the time ran out so my sister got 3 goes and me 6 goes I can’t believe I had a lot more goes. I won’t to go there everyday now. But I have school.:(