reflection on convicts and percentages.

My convict

Written by Natasha

On fry day the 14 we started a project as a hole class it was nammed daily lives fe of convicts. Go read mine and see what you think.

Daily life of convicts  What was the punishment for bad behavior?

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 9.46.10 amThe punishment was they would get wiped  with a cat-o’- nine tails. They had like a bit to stop them from biting on there tung’s .‘Punishments were common for swearing, laziness, being drunk, returning late from work and for stealing small items.’ People who ran away  from work would have to wear a leg-irons for 6 – 3 months. Sometimes to get the leg irons off they had to get a blacksmith to get the keys and unlock them.

What did they get for cloths ? / cloths

‘When convicts got their cloths they often looked untidy.’

  1. Jackets


  1. Breechers
  2. Sherts
  3. Hat
  4. Woolen cap
  5. Shoes & stockings


One in fore men had tattoos because of their beloved love ones. Other tattoos were to symbolise strength and courage. Convicts tattooed themselves to show that they had a group that they belonged to. Most convicts had mermaids and love hearts on them. The hart for the loved ones and the mermaids for fish i’m guessing.


They had 1 hour of entertainment a day. Gambling was illegal but they played cards. They had musical instruments. They had limited games they could play with / free time. For domino it was called bone domino game. It was made out of there dead bones.


The green food such as salad,broccoli,peas and all that came from the park next to them. The convicts sometimes got cabbage in there soup. How much sugar they got was over 220 gm. There was 1820 working.Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 9.44.49 am


a day in the life of a convict / Sydney living museum




well first of all we need to know what percent means well per means per person and cent means out of 100 because $1 has 100 cents in it. I start with 50% we know that 50 in half of 100 so 50% is half of your total so for eg: 460 so half of 0=0 then half of 6 = 3 so so far we have 30 and now we just half 4 witch = 2 so the anserw is 230 now a harder one so your new number is 429 now dont stress all you do is 2 devide by 9 witch eqeles 4 remander 1 you realy dont need that 1 if you are using money you dont need the 1 but if you wernt then keep the 1 but we are using money so get rid of the 1.

now you half the 2 = 1 and the 4 you half that and you get 2 so that is how you do 50% I will show you how to do 10% and 5%



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