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Hi my name is Tasha AKA Natasha I am in grade 6.Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 12.03.38 pm

At school I love to do writing and Work on Words. At school I like to go and play on my computer. I like to write story’s  and play games.

My favorite theme park is Luna park with the big teeth. I like it because if you get a family pass you can go on any rides there.

My favorite books are the 13th story tree house, ruby rose mount, finding Edith and What happens every 15 minute on earth.

My favorite music is kiss, pink and one direction.

Thanks for reading.


keep calm and love Cristmas very much with joy.

Have a safe Chrismas and a happy new year. Lot’s of fun on Christmas

What we are doing in sports.

We are doing cricket in sports. Because we are doing T20 blast and we have to practice for the big game. We have a people practicing for the T20  soon but not at the moment. We are n0w  doing throwing.

The  people that are going are going on the oval to practice and the people that aren’t they are playing contiues tipety.


you may use one hand one bounce.

you need two teams to play.

you need two bates and two stumps and a baller.

there all the rules you need to know

Freegans / dumster diving

Over 40 bilion people 70 kg is wasted in a year. They have to throw things if it had like a christmas rapper on it.The shops need to throw things out if the best befor date is off.

People dont have to do bin diving if they want but they choose to do it so they save monney. Supermarkets have a lot of storege if they throw it out but if they dont then they dont have eny food but if the storae is full then they have to throw the food that they orded out.

My Reflection On Term 3

IMG_0070 IMG_0069IMG_0070IMG_0069In term 3 I have been doing fractured fairy tales and I have presented my soldier and all that so I have also been  busy on inquiry. When I was reading my fractured fairy tales people said that I had a good story and like how I changed my story. They all loved the way I had also changed my character and the title was The Three Little Boys. The original story was called The Three Little Pig’s and then I had changed the title.

In inquiry I have been doing what causes and effects on it and I am doing what is the causes in an earthquakes and the effect. I have also been doing floods and here is a few bits of info on earthquakes.

When the tectonic plates move and rub together they rub and create an earthquake.Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 10.00.54 am

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Adem goods

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 1.00.27 pmI’m thinking that yes we do make mistakes and yes he did make a mistake so it doesn’t matter he thought that she was an adult. Yes she should not of said that and no one is to blame at least they both apologised to each other. At first i thought he was being mean but he wasn’t being mean.

He didn’t want her to go or called the security she just left by her self and they should not boo  when he told her off i thought that was mean.